Finally, a sensor so powerful, home intelligence is a reality for everyone.

water pipes break at the worst times like when you're on vacation and put a real damper on your return home

with Loop, we'll let you know the second you have a leak so it doesn't become a flood.

leaky pipe water drop
window crack in window

accidents happen, but they don’t need to shatter your day any more than they already do.

with Loop, say goodbye to false alarms and police at your door when accidents happen.

stove alarm

what good’s a smoke alarm if there’s no one around to hear it?

loop is there to tell you when alarms are going off no matter where you are.

A broken water heater leads to rude awakenings and cold showers

water icon

Know if the basement lights were left on and save money on your electrcity bill

light bulb icon

Be a true grill master and know when you're about to run out of propane before starting the big barbecue

propane tank icon

Be alerted when your door opens ONLY when it's being opened by someone that's not supposed to

water icon

You'll never have to re-wash your laundry again by getting alerted when it's finished

washing machine icon

How else would you use Loop? Tweet your ideas to #loopknows

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iPhone with Loop app Sensor

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